Prior to starting my consultancy, I spent six years at CP+B, where as VP/Director of Experience Design I led innovation initiatives for many global brands we know and love. One of which we even invented from scratch: is a new healthcare platform focused on improving the quality of life for breast cancer survivors—with tattoos. (More in USA Today.) In prior lives I was managing director of the sonic branding and interaction firm Sonic ID US+UK and founder of Carbon IQ, San Francisco’s first user experience consultancy.

I enjoy thinking out loud and nurturing talent. Favorite gigs: Brands that Believe in Sex After Marriage at SXSW; Sound, Brands and Social Change at Sao Paulo's World Usability Day and the Experience Architecture Forum at Harvard; and Designing the Greatest Product Journey on Earth at the Experience Design Summit in San Jose, Costa Rica. I'm also chairing the always-inspiring IXDA's Student Design Challenge. Our most recent briefs: The Future We Deserve and Envisioning the Wearable City

My work has secured patents for my clients, earned press and won many big awards. But what I really get excited about is creating something that changes a zillion people or even just one in a new and profound way.

Let's do that, shall we? I'm in Boulder, USA and I collaborate with clients everywhere for consulting, workshops, and speaking engagements.

Noel Franus
+1 303.881.9053
twitter: @nfranus