I help organizations find + map the unmet needs in peoples’ lives and spark the creation of new platforms, services and places. 

After six years at CP+B I've forged a tiny new consultancy focused on my sweet spots: the early phases of platform design, service design and civic innovation. Here's how I help agencies, brands and cities grow:

  • Behavioral insights: I help organizations understand the moment-by-moment relationships that people have with their products, services and places. And I map those journeys to spot unmet needs and untapped opportunities.

  • Opportunity mapping: I lead executive teams in prioritizing and addressing those gaps, which become briefs for improving current-state experiences and inventing new sources of value.

  • Accelerated making: Sometimes you need to drop the strategic muck and make something to understand it. I lead creative ideation, interaction design and prototyping efforts to jumpstart the making process. 

City of Philadelphia • City of Miami
Turkish Airlines • American Express Travel
Vail Resorts • Hotels.com
Domino's • Best Buy • Microsoft
American Express OPEN • NBC
Aspen Dental • B-Cycle • P.ink


Research: key activities

  • Persona creation and scenario development

  • User research, interviews, observations and behavior mapping

  • Stakeholder interviews (internal/external)

  • Current-state experience auditing

  • Workshop/internal: observations, insights and next steps 

Strategy: key activities

  • Internal/organizational capabilities discovery

  • Current-state user and organizational journey mapping

  • Workshop/external: collaborative design with target users and external stakeholders

  • Workshop/internal: opportunity identification, prioritization and key alignments 

Design: key activities

  • Future product/service journey mapping: ideal state + first launch

  • Ideation, concepting and creative direction

  • Interactions planning and design

  • Digital and physical prototyping

  • Workshop/external: iterative feedback from users/stakeholders

  • Workshop/internal: creative collaborations and reviews