Franus Experience Design is simply me, focused on my sweet spots: the early phases of product innovation and service design. Here's how I help agencies, brands and cities create meaningful change. Scroll down for case studies.


Behavioral insights

I help organizations understand the moment-by-moment relationships that people have with their products, services and places. And I map those journeys to spot unmet needs and untapped opportunities.

  • Persona creation and scenario development
  • User research, interviews, observations and behavior mapping
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Experience auditing
  • Workshop: observations, insights and next steps

Opportunity mapping

I lead executive teams in prioritizing and addressing those gaps, which become briefs for improving current-state experiences and inventing new sources of value.

  • Internal/organizational capabilities discovery
  • Current-state user and organizational journey mapping
  • Workshop/external: collaborative design with target users and external stakeholders
  • Workshop/internal: opportunity identification, prioritization and key alignments 

Accelerated making

Sometimes you need to drop the strategic muck and make something to understand it. I lead creative ideation, interaction design and prototyping efforts to jumpstart the making process. 

  • Future product/service journey mapping: ideal state + first launch
  • Ideation, concepting and creative direction
  • Interactions planning and design
  • Prototype creation and testing
  • Workshop/external: iterative feedback from users/stakeholders
  • Workshop/internal: creative collaborations and reviews 


Digital transformation: Domino's 

I led experience design and digital strategy for Domino's at CP+B, and later oversaw the team making magic as Domino's evolved into a prototypical case study in brand transformation. We evolved every major touchpoint in the consumer experience and laid the foundation for frictionless, personalized ecommerce, which is now at the heart of every Domino's digital interaction.


Urban design discovery:
City of Philadelphia

How can we rethink civic engagement in the place where modern democracy was born? I led the extensive, deep-dive discovery phase, along with a team of researchers, technologists, creatives and urban inventionists, for this effort focused on the creation of a permanent, digitally-fueled, block-wide placemaking initiative in the heart of downtown Philadelphia. 


Organizational strategy + digital platform development: Integrity Home Care and Hospice

How do we design for dignity within and across during life's most critical moments? I led research, strategic envisioning, executive alignments and experience design for a new platform connecting Integrity's clients and caregivers. 


Social impact platform:

Breast cancer survivors are told they have two options after a mastectomy: reconstruction or no reconstruction. Healthcare doesn't conventionally explore a powerful third option: tattoos. My peers at CP+B and I created to change the culture of healing. What started as a simple Pinterest board (ranked #1 among all charities) has evolved into app for trying on tattoos; an annual event that's inked hundreds of survivors; and a global platform for exploring new ways to improve the survivor journey. Coverage: BBC, ABC 20/20, MTV, PBS, Associated Press, New York Times, Fast Company. Today is now its own 501c3. I'm executive director. Website:


Digital platform development:
American Express

For two years at CP+B I led experience design and digital strategy for all things American Express OPEN and American Express Travel, including the invention and/or evolution of Small Business Saturday, OPEN Forum, Nextpedition, Fine Hotels and Resorts and other travel inventions.