Portlandia onsite: memory is a bug man and a fake moustache.


They shot an episode of Portlandia in our old house.

To be precise, the house is the focal point of the entire episode.

Let’s imagine…

Take your very first house. Fill it with newborns, raise them, celebrate and suffer through large and small with neighbors and friends. One day you move away, and over time that house, those rooms and those moments super-glue themselves onto your heart’s walls, your memory, your identity.

It is nice. Comforting. And life is good.

Then, years later, along come Fred and Carrie. And they offer, oh, a slightly divergent set of experiences in that same house.

Episode 8 of Portlandia is out. And nearly every scene includes the beautiful and sometimes this-needs-work inch of the house we once called home in Portland. Along with a bug man and a fake moustache.

We’ll watch the full episode tonight. I’m kind of stoked to experience this type of comedic lunacy shellacked onto our memories.

The kids, however…it’s been years. Not sure if we can share this with them. Memory, meaning, and Portlandia? Please feel free to donate to their future therapy fund now.