Changing the culture of healing: a passing of the torch, a look back, and a view of the future for and FCancer.

Great news: is now officially part of the FCancer organization, and our own Karen Richards is leading our evolution.

What this means: has more of the right resources to advocate for more survivors, collaborate with more artists, and to continue changing the culture of healing with ink.

What it doesn’t mean: corporate overlords have taken over. In case that wasn’t clear from the name FCancer.

I’d like to acknowledge you who have converted from an iffy proposition to an authentic, life-altering movement:

  • The creatives, strategists, and makers who dreamt this all up. From research to design, to code, to outreach, this team had the tenacity to bring to life by building our artists directory, organizing Day, administering the Fund, and shipping the Inkspiration app.
  • The talented artists who, after scratching their heads quite a bit, trusted us to put their talents forward.
  • The survivors and previvors who braved a fledgling organization and trusted us with their canvases (and so much more).
  • The local leaders and volunteers who continue to inspire, collaborate, organize, lead and take out the trash in those quiet moments when nobody else is paying attention. I see you.
  • The executive team at CP+B who, as our founding corporate sponsor, helped refine our initial vision and supported it with everything we needed to launch.

You have all seeded change that continues to bear meaningful fruit.

I remember the collective thrill that we felt in mid-2013 when our creative team of 15 folks devised the first Day. We had just shared Molly’s story and launched our directory of artists at Pinterest. Our early goal was to reframe the possible — to inspire survivors and give them new tools for taking action.

Sometimes we all need a little nudge to take action. And that’s what inspired our first Day in NYC that October. In just a few months the team moved mountains to create an unforgettable day of healing, with tattoos.

Ten renowned female artists, 10 breast cancer survivors and an unforgettable group of volunteers headed blindly into the abyss…

Now it’s mid-2019 and we’re approaching seven years of Days. With your help we’ve created a force of change, with hundreds of survivors, hundreds of talented mastectomy-tattoo artists, in dozens of cities, and thousands of volunteers. Many lives are transformed thanks to what we’ve built together.

Perhaps more importantly: women are now doing this for themselves. It’s not uncommon for a survivor to walk into a tattoo shop with confidence, and without fear of rejection or intimidation.

Read those last two paragraphs again, slowly. This is magical. You made it happen. I love you, I really do.

So let’s applaud your strength. And let’s evolve — with FCancer’s help.

FCancer brings an ideal mix of people, funding and organizational savvy. They will help grow as it should grow, while mitigating the risk of compromise.

Our own Karen Richards is leading this next phase as I step aside. Deafeningly loud applause, please: Karen is a survivor, a Day recipient, and a regional leader. She has joined FCancer’s staff as’s Program Director. I’ve enjoyed watching Karen lead. She is fully in her element.

Together, we have created something far bigger than any one of us. Thank you. I can’t wait to watch how we grow even more as part of FCancer.