Digital placemaking

City of Miami: Brickell City Centre digital wayfinding and brand-building

The opportunity: connect the digital and physical worlds for a massive, mixed-use development that aimed to shift downtown Miami from a cluster of closed office buildings into an open hive of activity

My role: lead the digital team — own the research, strategy, concept design and UX.

Impact: we built a user-focused, contextually aware web app and desktop site that provided digital wayfinding, retail connectivity and events recommendations.


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City of Philadelphia: connecting the digital + physical worlds for a block-wide digital placemaking experience

The opportunity: envision new ways to make democracy accessible at the historical Lits Brothers block (above two of the busiest train stations in North America), incorporating civic groups, key city initiatives, and tangible, networked surfaces.

My role: I led an extensive, deep-dive discovery phase, along with a team of researchers, technologists, creatives and urban designers.

Impact: we delivered a framework of research findings, conceptual directions, content partnerships and interaction models for bringing this opportunity to life—an early kit of parts to guide the developer’s next steps. 



Nextpedition: service design for American Express “mystery travel”

The opportunity: overhaul the experience for American Express Travel’s lauded Nextpedition service, which paired people with select destinations and revealed step-by-step itineraries on a need-to-know basis.

My role: lead the digital team — own the research, strategy, and service design/UX.

Impact: we teed up the development and phase two evolution of the service.

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