They said it

“In our industry we know technology and innovation are our future, but we had no idea where to start. Working with Noel we finally could envision the possibilities and tie them to our organizational needs and goals. Not only did he drastically improve our digital strategy, but he helped us craft a roadmap that is still influencing our discussions and our planning.”

— Mindy Stewart-Coffee, COO Integrity Home Care and Hospice


“My appreciation for design thinking has been completely changed after working with Noel. He’s about experiences that question everything, and explore ‘what if’ possibilities that reach way beyond the screen. Noel’s insights into how people interact with the world has helped create tremendous, life-changing ideas.”

— Pablo Alejo, Executive Creative Director, Accenture


“I’ve really enjoyed Noel’s holistic approach to problem solving. Working with him is a constant reminder that design and systems thinking can dramatically improve how a business functions, and how customers interact with it. Both drive right to the bottom line. And not just the financial bottom line, but a harder to quantify pleasure bottom line that shifts some companies from just producers to companies that you can fall in love with.

There’s nothing worse than someone that claims to know all the answers. You need different perspectives to learn new insights, and Noel fosters an environment of collaboration. He has a knack for teasing insights out of group of people through his workshops… insights that even the participants didn’t know they had. That’s an incredibly powerful asset.”

— Corey Szopinski. VP/Executive Creative Technical Director CP+B


“It isn’t just about innovation or disruption for Noel. It’s about making it easier or better for the end consumer. As a result, the initiatives Noel leads keep the consumer in mind as well as the ROI for the client.”

— Sailesh Patel, Senior Vice President, Director of Digital Analytics. Deutsch


“Noel provides insight about experience design best practices, storytelling, collaboration, and a whole host of skills that have shaped me as a designer.”

— Will Crowe, User Experience Designer at GE Healthcare


“In working with Noel I’ve learned to think deeply about the full customer experience — everything from first touch to post conversion relationship management. He’s on my secret top ten list of collaborators.”

— Chris Mele, Managing Director, Siberia.


“I love how Noel takes a big step back to look at the big picture. Not only that, he can sell the client on doing it.”

— Alicia Potter, Founder/Creative Director, Faven Creative


“In working with Noel I learned what it really means to dive between thinking of an experience holistically and getting into the details of its parts. I learned how to set up convincing stories and communication techniques for my work to align internal teams and clients. Most importantly, I learned how to listen to and help others by guiding and leading by example, rather than delegating or directing.”

— Design Director, Digital Product Consultancy


“Noel is that coach we hope for when we attend a workshop. He brings an energetic sense of play into the room while also challenging participants to perform beyond where they imagine they can. The results are inspiring.”

— Dianna Miller, Professor of Practice, Industrial and Interaction Design at Syracuse University


“You will walk away inspired, energized and with a greater sense of how to move forward after a workshop with Noel.”

— Lynn Harris, Client Solutions Manager, Oracle Data Cloud


“Noel thinks strategic, big-picture, and puts a plan into motion. These skills don’t often go together. And he has a fantastic sense of humor.”

— Susan Space, VP Marketing, Cloudera


“Tenacity. Strategic thinking. Thoroughness. Candor. Depth of thinking. That’s what I’ve learned from Noel.”

— Daniel Kirby, Co-Founder and CEO, Techdept