P.ink: Exponential Generosity

Helping survivors reclaim the mirror after a mastectomy

As P.ink’s founder and lead creative, I led research, strategy, service design and product design to support a global movement that shouldn’t have to exist. I was supported by many folks who are much smarter and more talented than me.

Breast cancer survivors are told they have two options after a mastectomy: reconstruction or none. Healthcare doesn’t often explore a powerful third option… tattoos. My peers at CP+B and I created P.ink to change the culture of healing.

What started as one powerful video a simple Pinterest board (ranked #1 among all charities) has evolved into a broader movement encompassing an app for trying on tattoos; an annual event that’s inked hundreds of survivors; and a global platform for exploring new ways to improve the survivor journey.

Coverage: Oprah, BBC, ABC 20/20, MTV, PBS, Associated Press, New York Times, Fast Company.

Today P.ink is now its own 501c3. I’m executive director. Website: http://p-ink.org.